Websites that work as wonderfully as they look

The future of the Internet is now

The future of the Internet is now. With an explosion in the number of smartphones and tablets being bought – which is expected to continue growing exponentially – people are visiting (and buying from) websites on an increasing variety of devices. And, to remain competitive, your site needs to fit, function, and be easy to use on whichever screen it's being viewed on.

That's where "responsive design" comes in. G1D can ensure your site looks and works great on all browsers and screen sizes. And we'll also make sure your custom responsive web design fits your target consumers' habits perfectly.


Using responsive design, we'll build a beautiful site your audience can find on search engines and easily make purchases or browse on their tablets, smartphones, or even – gasp! – their 10-year-old desktop computer.

Websites that visitors enjoy exploring

We will work closely with you to custom design a visually stunning website that visitors enjoy exploring – a website that spurs them to take the desired action(s). And, whether you want one or a ton of features, we'll make sure they're all seamlessly integrated. (You'll hardly even know they're there.)

Still waters run deep

Like the expression "still waters run deep," custom web design looks smooth on the surface. But before we design any part of it, we must first: gain a profound understanding of your target demographic; define the right user experience to attract and sustain their interest; and – if important for your needs – build it to be SEO-compliant. G1D knows current search engine optimization rules and best practices – and knows we'd better keep apprised of the constant changes – for our customers (and for our own needs as well).


We will also walk you through the entire process, helping you every step of the way, to ensure we deliver a custom website that gets results.